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We would love to meet you. Come out and join us for good Danish meals and celebrate the Danish culture with us!

We are a club of Danes and of people who love the Danish culture. We meet in Norway House (see Club Activities) and we enjoy the fellowship with other Danes, as well as a Danish meal.

This site tells the enquirer about the Club, its aims and ways of contacting the Directors. It also opens the door for people searching for Danish contacts in Victoria and who might want to join our activities.

Hans Frederiksen

What's New at the Danish Social Club

Fastelavn 2018

Fastelavn is probably the most fun event of the year. The enthusiasm of the kids dreaming, that maybe next hit, could be a cache of candies. It’s kind of sad to see a magnificent built barrel be so abused. A sincere thanks to Willy who has for years built the barrel. There would not be any candies if was not for Bent and Shirley’s generosity. On behalf of the kids I say “Million Thanks”. Unfortunately your Editor is very poor by writing down names. My apologies to the parents who I captured and are nameless, especially the King & Queen.

Fastelavn King and Queen

Fastelavn Action

The end!