About the Club

The DSCV was established in 1997 by a group of people with Danish connections who wanted to get together and celebrate their danish-ness and take a meal together.

Purpose of the Danish Social Club of Victoria:

  • The Danish Social Club of Victoria promotes Danish-Canadian culture and is open to all Canadians.
  • Our objective is to maintain our Danish traditions, preserve and share the culture of Denmark and to remember our Danish heritage. We welcome new members, and invite you to learn more about us through this site. Visit our newsletter and check out details about upcoming club events.
  • Encourage friendship, fellowship and mutual understanding among our members.
The DSCV has hosted a number of groups visiting from Denmark, such as folk-dancers, choirs and even a child circus. Activities include dinner parties, garden parties, bingos, bus tours and celebrating traditional Danish seasonal events such as Fastelavn, Julefest, Sank Hans and others.