Svenska Köttbullar

This recipe produces the most delectable meatballs you will ever have. Give them atry. For the very best results, choose your meat from your favourite local butcher. Or look for a small combination package of  beef, pork and veal from your local grocer.



1/3-pound Lean Ground Beef
1/3-pound Lean Ground Pork
1/3-pound Ground Veal
¾ cup of Oatmeal
¾ cup Coffee Cream
1 TBS Potato flour
1 Egg
1 small onion sautéed
1½ TSP Salt
1½ TSP White Pepper


If Veal is not available use the Lean Ground Beef. Mix everything together including the sautéed onion, form small balls in your hand, put them on a lightly greased cookie sheet. 

Oven at 350F – depending on size, 10 – 15 minutes/per side (they should be browned nicely before turning). Use two forks to turn the balls or any other method that works for you. Best of luck and a “Smaklig måltid” (bon appetit).