Kro Platte

Kro Platte is a variety of sandwiches. The Danish Social Club of Victoria gets together annually to enjoy this wonderful food together. And of course there is always herring and snaps to go along with it. 

In Denmark and Norway a popular baked good associated with the day is fastelavnsbolle (lit. “Fastelavn bun”, also known in English as “shrovetide bun” or “lenten bun”), a round sweet roll usually covered with icing and sometimes filled with whipped cream.

Kro Platte May 2019

Kro-Aften Fall 2018

Kro-Aften Spring 2018

A heartfelt thanks to all the members and guests that came out and enjoyed the Kro-Aften. Thanks also to Pastor Susanne and to her Guest from Denmark, Pastor Annelise for making time to come over and visit with us. Congratulations to Linda Nielsen who won the 50/50 and to all the door prize winners. Million thanks to all those who donated the Door Prizes. 

There are two Directors that do not get enough recognition. Tom & Grethe Russell take care of membership and our money. Since they took over our membership has exploded. Back in May 31, 2016 we had 71 members paid, TODAY we have 107. There are many reasons why our list is growing and one is a very good membership chairman who contacts potential members and will not let them go until they are signed up. I think the food may have something to do with it as well!

Here are the members that make it all come together, from food preparation to table setup and decorating.

The Party!

Kro Platte 2017